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Monday, May 10, 2010

ouh.. happy, happy day!

happy happy birthday
happy happy everyday
happy happpy on monday
happy birthday to you

hepy bday to everybody who was born on may, 10th..
n hepy mother's day too..
glad to have a very good people around..
sangat3 selesa..
even if xselesa pn, wat2 slesa je n jgn pk psl tu..
maw cite pe yeh?
last friday until yesterday, balik umah..
n my lil' sis pn balik jgk..
so, kitorg 2 jela anak2 yg mama n abah ada for that weekend..
angah xbalik..
along pn..
alang da kt india..
n i can feel dat mom n dad are really missing her so much dat they keep on talking bout her..
but, i dun feel jelous or wat..
coz i know, she really is dat good..
dats y la my parents luv her, rite?
its not like they dun luv us la kan..
tamo sala phm plak k..
then, on saturday, i cooked lunch..
tom yam babe..
but not as nice as mama's.. y eh?
tade enuf skill kowt..
n mama pnye msk pape la mang paling terBAEK sluro alam..
huh! then, today is my besfren's bday..
en. F..
sonok gle dye bbq spanjang mlm..
pkul 5 bru sedar dri nk blik umah..
xaci lgsg..
k, la..
dunno wat to tell da..

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