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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

dunt b a b****

hey!!last nite my bff, ms.M ask me if ms.A is my fren or not..then i said yes she is..then i ask her y?how did u know her?turn out dat ms.A is FBing wit her bf..i was like, HUH???!! really?i asked her, wat makes u think dat she is my fren?then she said the bf tell her to look at his new fren in fb..(sebbaek ko baek!)then she saw dat i am her mutual she know la..umm.. cane la ni..?i ask ms.M to give me dat bf's num so if anythng ever happen, its easy for me to maki kjam uh..lntk kaw.. haha..then i told her to ask bf not to rep ms.A's msg in, later on she'll no longer msg him.. rite?i think dats da best solution la..i know how ms.M feels bcoz dat was what happen to me kn..haa.. i dunt want da same thing happen to my fren..but, in tiz case both girls are my fren..then, i dunno how to tell ms.A not to msg him nymore without acting like a bz body..aih..

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