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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

capek bangat deh~

my friend's pendrive was attacked
(fuh! attack xthn ayt..)
by virusses in ikwan's laptop..
then all my work i have very much spend my time and all finish and ready to be present was all gone..
i mean GONE!!!!
stress aku!
now i have to do it all over again..
juz now i go down stairs back to the classroom to take my black book..
thought all the infos i need is inside there..
but then it turn out that i have taken the wrong book..
penat taw naek tangga td..
actually all the infos about carb is inside my test pad..
so, now xdpt nk type da sbb pnt nk turun klas blek..
so, bgembire jela..
hmpeh kn? haha..
like i care..
btw, there are so many assigment to do..
ish da last2 minit ni la bru nk bg sume keje..
mglupo la nk siapkn sume 2 t..
nk2 pharma..
nk carik byk sgt name2 ubt..
tp tape..
as a student, i really need to do all of them kn?
i am a good student wannabe..
go girl!!!

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