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Monday, May 3, 2010

ntah la

there's a girl in my house n she's like i dunno la..
but kinda blur2 like dat n my other housemate dont really likes her..
well, i dont think they dont really like her, actually they DONT like her at all..
then she said she'll move out to the house infront of our house-which is so lame n stupid since why la would she move out tp kt rumah dpn je..
but then, x pndh2 pn..
tp she said to me this morning that she'd moveout today to sumwhere in KL..
dkt ng tmpt keje dye (so she said)..
the thing is, keje tu pn smntara je rsenye?
then wtpe la nk pndh dkt ng situ??
confuse i..
aneh btol..
lantak kaw la labu..
then, dye cite2 kt all (actually, not all la.. wat havoc cket.. hehe) of my classmates that we; the housemates, buli2 n maki2 n marah2 n bising2 n bla 888x kt dye..
like heck!
if dye xwat probs ne la kitorg nk bising..
haa.. btw, ofcoz its not me yg bising2 tu..
sbb i dak baek, sopan santun, bebudi bahasa, hormat org tua, hati mulia dan sbagainye..
aih.. biaq pi la dye nk wt pe pn..
aslkn idop aku xtganggu..
ish, rse cm kjam n penjual ikan plak..
there are things i do really concern about her being stay away fron us..
like she wud be more wild(aumm!!)
n she wud do stupid n crazy kinda thingy..
haa.. n da boypren is chinese taw..
wud he care if she cannot do things like..
paham x?
xphm pe?
umm.. lu pikir la sniri!
atleast if she stay with us, we can look out for her..
even we bising2 dat means we luv her..
(luv kew???)
but, atleast tjaga jgk la kn..
ni dok tmpt laen..
kn tade sape nk tgok2 kn da..
besides, she said she'll live alone in the house..
dat means dat anybody can come without anybodt notices kn?
scary babe..
mang aum! aum !
abes a t..
mintak2 xjd cmtu k..
girl, take care of urself k..
dont do stupid things..
remember Allah n ur parents always..

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