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Friday, April 30, 2010

cry on my shoulder

if the hero never comes to you
if you need someone you're feeling blue
if you wait for love when you're alone
if you call your friend the light is hold

you can run away but you can't hide
through the storm and through the lonely night
then i'll show you there's a destiny
the best thing in life, they are free

but if you wanna cry, cry on my shoulder
if you need someone who cares for you
if you feeling sad your heart gets colder
yes i'll show you what real love can do

if your sky are grey oh let me know
there's a place in heaven where we'll go
if heaven is million years away
oh just call me and i'll make your day

when the night is getting cold and blue
when the days are getting hard for you
i will always stay here by your side
i promise you i'll never hide

Thursday, April 29, 2010

windu plak~

know what..
last nite, so suddenly i felt lyke i'm missing him so much..
dunno why..
sbb b4 ni tade pn rse cmtu kn..?
(awl2 dlu tu xkire la..)
tp tbe2 rse cm rindu dye..
maybe bcoz there's no one for me for a while..
well, there are ones who luv me lyke my besties but dunno la..

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


hey hey hey..!
now i have my very own blog..
at last taw!
act, have been attracting to diz blogging2 things since like lme kowt...
but tade time n ksempatan maw mnules2 menda2 neh..
tp asik2 pn m'bace blog2 org laen, so da tpgaroh...
k, now im a bit dalam dilema melayu kite..
act, im applying 4 a scholarship, but then i dunno what 2 write..
( we have to write an essay on why i deserve a scholarship..)
like my friend said, klu nk bg, bg jela..
taya ckp byk plak..
sengal en..?
da la nye nk kne anta nexweek...
tp x stat pape pn lg..
cane la weh..
biol otk suda..